What WeDo

We design, fabricate and assemble custom made automation solutions.

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Jig Checking
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Flex Needle Tool
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UV Laser Marking Machine
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Mould Laser Welding Machine

Our Scope:

* Design and Fabrication of precision parts for Machine and Automation
* Jigs and Fixture
* Surface Finishing
* All type of Machine and Automation
* Engineering Parts Sourcing

We aims to provide a Competitive Advantage to its Customers through

* Timely
* Innovative
* Defect-Free Products
* Outstanding Service Driven by a Culture of Systematic Continuous Improvement

Our vision is to be the leader in High Quality Precision Engineering Parts and Automation Manufacturing in this region.

Our mission is to achive total customer satisfaction through

* High Quality
* On Time Delivery
* Safety
* Reliability
* Competitive pricing

We strive to

* Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
* Establish and continually developing education systems and training
* Eliminating or controlling hazards
* Not misuse, damage, refuse to use, or interfere with anything provided for purpose of occupational safely and health.

We got 2D and 3D drawing

We cover most career such as food industrial,product industrial and more.