Engineering from Design to Manufacturing

Design, fabricate, assembly and testing of various types of precision tools, jigs and fixtures and automation.

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Specialized In :

❖ Design & Fabrication of Precision Parts.

❖ Jigs and Fixture

❖ Characterization Tools

❖ Automated system design, fabrication, assembly, testing and commissioning

❖ All type of Machine, Automation and Engineering Parts Sourcing

Fabrication & Fabricated Parts

-Machining Center
-Miling Machine
-Turning Machine



-Height Gage
-Digital Microscope

Pneumatic System Solution

-Cyclone Leak Tester
-Bin Base Seal Installation
-Flex Needle Tool
-Tank Ionized Water
-Encoder Disc Press Fixture

Characterization Tool

-CPPS Measurement Tool
-Paper Belt Tension
-PPR and Calibration Stand
-Cap Force Calibration Stand
-Wiper Interference Tool

Automated Solution

-Proton X70 Radiator Holder Nuts Checking Machine
-Proton X50 Radiator Holder Nuts Checking Machine
-Chocolate Manufacturing

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❖ No delay in modification as we have local support from china to Malaysia to Vancouver.

❖ Full details, manual, WI, Drawing etc. will be included in our delivery.

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